·         What to carry when hiking:

Among what we consider to be essential include drinking water(provided),binoculars, Harts, Sunscreen, Insect repellent, Sunglasses, guide books, comfortable walking shoes, light rain gear can come in handy during short rain storms and for protection from spray at Victoria Falls, swimsuit  doesn’t consume much room and allows for refreshing morning and afternoon dip.

Also moist towellettes, lip balm, and a soft cloth (for cleaning lenses) come in handy.

·         How to dress when going for safari in Kenya Africa:

Above all, travel light! Casual clothing such as cotton slacks and shirts are ideal for travel in Kenya Africa. We recommend neutral earthtone colours which are the best for game viewing and also reflect the sun’s rays. Packing in layers provides flexibility to adjust easily from the cooler mornings into the heat of the day.

Dressier clothing is required for dinning at certain lodges. Good laundry facilities are available in most lodges and camps. Dry cleaning however, is generally not available.

·         Packing for your safari in Kenya:

Pack light and pack soft! While on road safaris one, one bag per person is permitted. If a program includes any flights by light aircraft, there is a strict baggage allowance. Most aircraft's in Kenya restrict each passager to a maximum of 15 kgs. An extra seat can be purchased in advance to allow for excess baggage. And please no hand-sided luggage.

Baggage capacity in a safari vehicle and light aircraft is strictly limited .Most major hotels in Kenya will store the luggage while the passagers are on the safari.

·         Photography in Kenya

Kenya is a photographic paradise, be sure to carry cameras and enough SD cards/films and replacement films/SD cards. While replacement films and SD cards are available locally the price may be much higher. Be sure to bring along extra batteries, including rechargeable batteries. Lodges and camps have facilities for recharging batteries.


Our best advice about valuables is to leave the at home. Inexpensive costume jewelry is fun and is fine for travelling throughout Kenya. If you do wish to bring more expensive items, we highly recommend to use a safe deposit boxes wherever available. Cameras and equipment's should be kept close at all times and not left in empty vehicles, as our drivers cannot be responsible for valuables left in vehicles.

Kenya modes of transport:

Kenya has an extensive domestic travel network by rail, road or air to suit your budget. Air transport: three international airports.

  • Jomokenyatta international airport in Nairobi
  • Moi international Airport in Mombasa
  • Eldoret international airport  in Eldoret